SPF-MC 200-300

Vertical shaft sewage pumps

SPF-MC series are pumps have two leaf channel type cast impellers which have been designed for conditions where the use of submersible pumps is not possible. Due to the vertical shafted structure, the pump body runs in the fluid while the electric motor runs on the surface.Designed for the transfer of water with solidparticles and fibrous wastewater. Specially designed couplings do not require adjustment. The electric motor can easily be disassembled and repaired or replaced with new one. Since the electric motor does not run in the fluid, the level floater can be adjusted to a lower level than the submersible types. There is no risk of electric motors burning in case of the damaging of the mechanical gasket which ensures the sealing in vertical shafted septic pumps.

Areas of Usage

Technical Informations

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Flow rate (Max.)

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Solid part permeability

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Head (Max.)

Flow Rate (Max.)

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