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Starting its business in 1991 with electromagnetic pump production, our company still continues to operate with the same enthusiasm.
In the past 30 years, focusing mainly on water and wastewater pumps, Star Pump has increased its production range up to over 500 different types and become capable of producing pumps completely including their electric motors.With the development of the construction sector in Turkey, our water pumps, wastewater pumps and booster pumps have found their place in the market in every region of the country and Star Pump has become a brand in demand. With the awareness that only producing and despatching in time is Note sufficient to be able to generate this demand, we show maximum effort to maintain the satisfaction of our dealers and customers at the highest level, giving importance to after-sale services.Having ISO-9001 Quality Management Certificate as well as TSE (Turkish Standards Institution), TSEK (Certificate of Conformity to TSE Criterion), CE and NFPA certificates, Star Pump is proud that this customer trust has also been certified by independent organizations.
Our company, which exports 30% of its production today, delivers benefits to the national economy and also increases confidence in Turkish goods.Our company follows closely the technological advancements and energy efficiency studies world-wide, carries out R&D studies within this vision and by this means, consistently invests in the future. Until today, we have been working very hard to bring you high quality and eco-friendly products.
In the future, we will work even harder to bring you higher quality and eco-friendly products.

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