SPK B 200-300-400-550

Industrial type sewage pumps with cutter

SPK B series are open impeller (vortex) pumps with grinder blade in its suction, which are manufactured from AISI - 420 quality stainless steel and hardened by heat treatment. It grinds the solid materials in the fluid into such small pieces that it does not clog the pipe,thus prolonging the life of both the pump and the installation. The grinder blades are durable and do not require maintenance.Pump must be run entirely in fluid. The electric motor is thermistor protected. It should be used with electrical panel.

Areas of Usage

Technical Informations

Discharge nozzle

Flow rate (Max.)

Head (Max.)

Immersion depth (Max.)

Speed (Max.)

Fluid temperature (Max.)

Motor Protection Class

Motor Insulation Class


Operating voltage

Flow Rate (Max.)

Head (Max.)

Flow Rate (Max.)

Head (Max.)